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    All projects and processes are optimally designed

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    With LiquoSystems you receive a personal contact person


Do you want a complete solution with added value, thereby saving time and effort? If you choose this option, you will receive a personal contact person who has complete expertise and can get the most out of your equipment. Our full package includes:


  • A personal consultation at your site
  • Measuring, process and needs analysis
  • Technical planning and design
  • Whole project planning and implementation
  • Supply and installation of the equipment
  • Plumbing and electrical installation
  • Operational start-up and training


For your complete system please call us and tell us your ideas – we will advise you on the best solution. A consultation at your site is essential.
Our experts examine the structure of the building and possibilities for installation: what is there on the walls, where can something be secured, where can holes be drilled? In this way, we measure everything precisely and plan with you the layout, from the tank to the control framework. This care is all the more important when a completely new installation is constructed – in this instance thorough communication is particularly beneficial so that the plumbing of the tanks can be efficiently constructed, and any problems avoided.


Subsequently, a comprehensive process and needs analysis can take into account potential future developments. How will the installation work? What needs do you have? Where can potential savings be made? How can the fermentation process be optimised? Is a centralised or de-centralised control system better? Should the installation only be controlled on the premises, or is a mobile computer-based facility required?


After this, the planning and proposal phase follows. Our experts draw up installation plans to establish the best solution and agree the offer with you. The measurements for a refrigeration (or heating) circuit is given in meters.


Thereafter the construction and implementation of the system begins, initially with the installation of the devices and apparatus. If the components have to be lifted onto the roof, we also organise cranes, as well as core hole drilling, stone chiselling and breaking through walls etc as necessary. The next steps consist of:


  • Installation of the plumbing
  • Synchronisation of the valve and control technology;
  • Wiring the electrics (using the cable handling and installation system VariAll)


During the start-up the entire tank cooling system is checked: the cooling unit, liquid flow in the pipe work and heat exchanger, control circuit and valve, and linking the tanks with the temperature regulator, with the software FermAssist.


Included in the package is training and advice on how to achieve the maximum benefit from competent handling of the software.


After acceptance of the work, our customers receive all project documents. The support however does not stop here, but will be maintained intensively according to your wishes.