Whether apple juice, currant juice, cherry juice or grape juice – the temperature control and cooling systems from LiquoSystems cool everything that needs to be kept fresh during the production of non-alcoholic beverages. For this purpose we have cooling water – recoolers, cooling plates, heat exchangers, cooling units, room coolers and (fermentation) controls in various stages in the product range.

Modularly scalable – also ideal for small quantities
The interesting thing about it: With the LiquoSystems technology, even small quantities can be produced efficiently. So if you want to produce also prototypes and not only in large hectolitre quantities, you are also in good hands with LiquoSystems. Because LiquoSystems offers you a unique modular system that can be completely expanded. With LiquoSystems, your investment never goes in the wrong direction, you can always scale correctly.

Temperature control through LiquoSystems

The quality of wines, musts, beers, but also other liquids such as edible oils largely depends on the correct temperature during fermentation and storage. With professional systems of the LiquoSystems brand you literally control the quality of your products to success. Our solutions are not necessarily tank-bound and can be used flexibly:

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