Fermentation cooling: Cooling machines & water chillers for beer, mash, storage, wine cooling and fermentation tank cooling

The raw materials in alcoholic beverages are extremely sensitive to temperature. Since a lot of heat is generated during alcoholic fermentation, temperatures must be constantly monitored and excess temperatures must be dissipated. Systems for the right fermentation cooling are in demand. Because at higher temperatures, more aromas and alcohol are lost with the fermentation gas, and at temperatures that are much too high, the yeasts even stop working. On the other hand, if the temperatures are too cold, certain substances cannot form sufficiently, delays in processes occur, up to fundamental impairments of the products or fermentation stops. The latter are difficult to get going again, resulting in additional work and costs.

Fermentation cooling systems, storage & fermentation tank cooling and chillers for your success

The correct fermentation cooling temperature is crucial for success. To be more precise: the right temperatures throughout the entire expansion process. Adjustable and controllable cooling systems from LiquoSystems serve the entire range of requirements and can be individually configured and adjusted. Because in every process step of the production of wines, beers or beverages of all kinds, different temperature corridors always play a role, whether during pressing, brewing, fermentation, malting, mashing – or storage. LiquoSystems programs your cooling systems for your applications for success.

In the center: the right tank or fermentation cooling with cooling systems

In the course of the various fermentation phases, correct fermentation cooling is the central process. Long-established winegrowers or brewers speak of the “water chiller” or cooling water recooler. This is usually understood to mean a water circuit with a centrifugal pump in which cold water circulates. This dissipates the heat from a liquid container to be cooled. At LiquoSystems, we prefer to speak of a liquid cooling system or refrigeration and cooling machines or modern fermentation tank cooling, which is precisely regulated by professional fermentation control. Our systems have all kinds of performance levels, from compact small cooling machines to large cooling systems.

The most important parameters in fermentation tank cooling – what to look out for?

We at LiquoSystems are the experts for the correct design of your cooling systems. The following parameters play a role in the selection and design of the right units. Include these in your considerations. Or talk to us, we’d be happy to take you by the hand.

  • Size of the fermentation tank (enter your liters here)
  • Cold water flow temperature: typically between -5°C and +15°C
  • Ambient air temperature: usually fluctuates between +5°C and +42°C
  • Cooling capacity: from less than 1 kW to 35 kW (per unit)
  • Desired end temperatures: Enter the number of degrees to be cooled here
  • Power supply: 230 or 400 volts
  • Connection cable length: 4 meters with plug are usual
  • Water tank capacity: 6 to 360 liters
  • Dimensions: L x H x D (depending on your circumstances)

The right cooling system (chiller) for your application

We will advise you in detail on the various options for precisely controllable temperature control in your tanks and production environment. Would you like advice on the perfect fermentation cooling for the entire expansion process? Contact us. We develop individual solutions taking into account the local conditions and your wishes.