Every customer, with some technical knowledge, can easily install a system from LiquoSystems themselves: all instructions are clearly laid out. Installation is however not everything: making the system operational is crucial. Therefore, to ensure that the system starts up perfectly and works well in the long-term, we recommend:

Let our experts undertake putting the system into operation – we are happy to come, and offer a good value service!

Request an individual offer: e-kundendienst@liquosystems.de

Making the system operational (by LiquoSystems Customer Service) is a crucial element of the high quality and long-term performance of your system. Basically, we offer three kinds of start-ups:

  • Starting-up of the cooling system
  • Starting-up of the temperature control
  • Starting-up of the software

Start-up Service – why?

The products of LiquoSystems are basically so well explained that you can install and wire up the equipment simply according to the instructions. This of course reduces costs, but where budgets are not so stringent, the quality of the installation can be ensured with a professional check. Here we can help with our Start-up Service. For example, when a solenoid valve is mounted upside down, sediments are deposited over time in the electromagnetic field of the valve. This incorrect mounting can seriously hinder the correct functioning of the valve. On the one hand, it may not open, on the other it may not close. That means, even if it was originally working correctly, sooner or later a malfunction, or even a permanent defect, will develop.

So that everything works correctly

During the Start-up, an inspection of your installation is completed, and in this way you will ensure reliable working of your tank cooling system. Without a professional start-up, it could eventually prove more costly, because LiquoSystems would not be liable for the incorrect installation. As an alternative, we could assist you with an inexpensive start-up and check: Have you or your electrician done everything correctly? Is the wiring and voltage correct? Is everything properly put together? Does the solenoid valve turn? Is there a connection? Does the heat exchanger stay cold, does the water flow through the heat exchanger, does the temperature sensor work properly, does the pump turn on and off? Is everything working optimally?

A question of optimisation and value preservation

After the start-up, you will receive a briefing that is also crucial with respect to the correct running and protection of your system: What should you give particular attention to? What are the critical success factors? How can you keep the system working optimally? Which mistakes are typically made and how to avoid them? How do you ensure that you achieve the most out of your investment?

LiquoSystems recommends:
an annual check-up of your system, or at the very least, every two years!

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