Beer & Wine Cellar Cooling. Perfect room and storage cooling for wine, beer, cider, distillates, beverages

Efficient basement and storage refrigeration is important for many reasons. The first step is to achieve the right room temperature for the best possible quality of the end product during the production process. However, storage cooling using cooling systems is also important during the later maturation or storage of wines, beers or spirits. Because the substances produced by low fermentation temperatures, e.g. B. glycerin, can decompose again if stored too warm. And the glory is over. With products from LiquoSystems, the exact temperature is monitored in all steps of the production of wines, beers or fermented drinks – right up to the temperature control of production and storage rooms.

Storage cooling for wine cellars, beer cellars, cider, spirits – the right temperatures

Correct storage cooling is also important during the maturing phase of your products. Because if the wine is stored too warm, it often no longer has the necessary finesse. Maturation in wooden barrels or steel tanks, which often lasts for months or even years, requires a stable ambient temperature in order to ensure the quality and good taste right through to the point of sale. For example, white wines are best stored in tanks at temperatures between 8 and 12 degrees Celsius, later in bottle storage at at least 15 degrees so that the bottles do not tarnish when they are removed from storage. Bottled beers, on the other hand, are best stored at 4 to 8 degrees Celsius after production in order to maintain their good quality. (please check here whether beers should also have over 15 degrees in the bottle store). If there are large temperature differences, the taste suffers considerably. The right cold chain to maintain temperature control is therefore essential for alcoholic products.

    Advantages are:

  • Exact temperature control through storage coolers during the entire production process
  • Cool storage of products (beer, wine, spirits) until sale
  • The temperature control units can also be used to heat staff rooms

The design of the cooling machine for your wine cellar, beer cellar and more

Depending on the production range (wine, sparkling wine, cider, beer, liqueur) and the local conditions (warehouse, factory), there are different systems for optimal cellar or storage cooling. Products from LiquoSystems are designed for the narrow conditions of cellars, rooms and vaults for alcoholic beverage storage. LiquoSystems supplies perfectly designed refrigeration machines and other devices for temperature control in beverage refrigerated cellars and storage areas.

Precise temperature control of wine stores, beer cellars, cider cellars with IdroFan

IdroFan is a powder-coated, high-performance cooler for small and medium-sized rooms, which is used in summer for temperature control in bottle and tank storage. The system can also be used as additional heating in winter. Because even falling below certain temperatures can endanger the quality of the end products in the long term. Staff rooms or lounges can also be heated in winter.

Precise temperature control of wine storage, beer cellars, cider cellars with IdroFlow

IdroFlow is a room climate unit for large rooms that offers the best compromise between air performance and acoustic comfort with an EC fan and a streamlined impeller. The condensate drain pan has an antibacterial design for cooling or reverse operation and has an integrated hose connection. Accessories for all locations (wall, ceiling, floor) are already included when purchasing the IdroFlow.

Highly efficient and powerful cooling of warehouses with IdroStream

IdroStream is a storage cooling unit that convinces with extremely high efficiency. The amount of air taken in by the device ensures effective distribution. At the same time, even with a smaller area in your warehouse, a high level of heat absorption can take place, thanks to different cooling capacities. The IdroStream cooling unit can also be used to dehumidify warehouses.

Advice on storage cooling for wine cellars, beer cellars, spirits storage, beverage storage and more

LiquoSystems is your specialist company if you have any questions about storage and basement cooling. We will advise you in detail on the various options for precisely controllable temperature control in production and storage rooms. Furthermore, we recommend our cooling units depending on the place of use and desired performance and give you an overview of the products from our online shop. We deliver the individual devices for room cooling on site.

If you would like room cooling for your new company or if you would like to redesign the temperature control of your rooms, please contact us.