SKU: RKT_42AM35_2_C-1


  • Room cooling unit
  • Condensate collector with drainage
  • Valve on the left side of the unit
  • Installation on wall or ceiling
  • Housing with painted steel sheets

590,00 980,00  excl. VAT

Delivery time 5 Weeks


IdroFan perfect for the climatisation of bottle storage or office.

This air cooler or air heater can be also used as an additional heater in winter. A heating water access is required. Mounting on wall or ceiling possible.

The IdroFan climatisation unit for small or middle rooms for breweries or winemaker. A good storage climatisation is necesarry to hold and save the qualitiy in the bottles.

  • IdroFan 1,3 kW
  • IdroFan 2,4 kW
  • IdroFan 3,5 kW
  • IdroFan 5,7 kW
  • IdroFan 6,2 kW
  • IdroFan 8,0 kW

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