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AquaZero_10,5 with 12,0 kW

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Delivery time 5-7 days with the options roller set, overfill protection, heating and outdoor installation. Delivery time 10 weeks for all other versions

Further options configurable and already installed!

The Chiller is compact and easily connectet to an existing pipeline system. They are equipped with a water tank and centrifugal pump. In outlet temperatures below + 10 ° C is the use of antifreeze (glycol, 34%) required.

Compact water chiller AquaZero 12,0 kW:
–    Cooling water temperature range from: -5°C* to +15°C
–    Ambient temperature range from: +5°C to +42°C
–    Cooling capacity: 12,00 kW
–    Refrigerant: R407C
–    According to F-Gas Regulation (EU) No. 517/2014 up to 13.5 kW NO leak test required**
–    Power supply: 400 Volt, 3-Phase, 50 Hertz
–    Connection cable: 4 meter with plug
–    Waterin-/-outlet-Connection: 3/4 Zoll external thread
–    Water tank volume: 160 litre
–    Incl. Bypassvalve, Pressure gauge, Strainer, floating switch for water deficiency
–    Dimensions: L 880 x H 1.600 x D 750 mm
–    Weight: 250 kg without water and additional options

–    Chassis: steel plate, powder-coated


–    Connection cable 4 meters with plug
–    Sieve installed in the water inlet
–    Bypass incl. Pressure gauge installed in the device
–    Float switch installed for low water alarm
–    Digital display with fault and operational signals and external remote release via Nano Terminal
–    MicroGroove condenser (micro-channel filter, as sensitive to dirt)
–    Evaporator: copper plain tube coil
–    A series for min. outlet temperature of -5 ° C.
–    Many possible configurable and already assembled e.g. overflow protection
–    Made in Germany!


Additional Options:

–    Castor set: 2x fixed castors galvanized, 2x swivel castors galvanized, one of them with parking brake
–    Overflow protection: positively controlled solenoid valve (0bar) in the return, non-return valve in the flow
–    Heating temperature control: heating cartridge with thermostat and safety temperature limiter, 3-way control valve to increase preheating
–    Outdoor installation: Compressor with oil sump heating, winter start device for cooling circuit, roof plate closed, operating area outside air temperature extended: -20°C to + 43°C.
–    Automatic filling: solenoid valve and float switch max. 6 bar, max. 25 l / min, max. + 60°C
–    AquaZero Control EASY l External: Remote control unit with operating module, collective alert lamp, ON-OFF-AUTO switch, wall bracket and 10 meter cable
–    Pump pressure increase: Pump pressure increases by 1 to 1.5 bar


Cooling Capacity:
– 15°C Coolant – supply flow temperature
– 20°C Coolant – return flow temperature
– 32°C Outside air temperature of the cooling unit


*An antifrogen should be used if the flow temperature is below + 10 ° C.
**according to F-Gas Ordinance No. 517/2014 January 1st, 2015

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