SKU: KGS_W1004_C

AquaSnap PLUS 16 kW – 41 kW with heat pump

  • Cooling unit with heat pump function
  • Pump inside the device
  • Inverter (adjust compressor speed)
  • Until +60°C Coolant – supply flow temperature (heating)
  • Housing with painted steel sheets
  • Only for closed hydraulic system

9.825,00 17.170,00  excl. VAT

Delivery time 5 to 12 weeks

This cooling unit with heat pump function offers exceptionally high energy efficiency values ​​for both cooling and heating. The device have built-in hydronic module with pump and expansion tank inside. The inverter technology adjusts the compressor speed to the circumstances and enables stable temperatures.
Cooling Capacity:
• 7°C Coolant – supply flow temperature
• 12°C Coolant – return flow temperature
• 35°C Outside air temperature of the cooling unit
An antifrogen should be used if the flow temperature is below + 10 ° C.

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