SKU: Nano_010

Nano Terminal: Central control unit

  • Central control unit for up to 30 Nano units
  • Digital comfort control unit (without controller and wiring)
  • Inklusive wall brackets
  • Operation-Touch-Display 7 Zoll
  • Power supply 230V AC
  • Housing polycarbonat


1.590,00  excl. VAT

Delivery time 3-5 days

Additional software options configurable:

Nano terminal for central operation of control units

With the Nano Terminal you can conveniently and centrally operate your Nano control units Nano Top and Nano Tank. Expand their possibilities and increase your own ease of use. Especially when there is no PC nearby, the Nano Terminal facilitates the control station overview of up to 30 iFerm Nano control units. With this technology you get a global access function to all pre-classified devices. The special image assignment on the display also facilitates clear operation.

  • Control center overview of 30 iFerm Nano control units [Nano Tank and Nano Top]
  • Operating mode extension: heating and automatic
  • Global access function (e.g. valve, etc.) to all assigned devices
  • Image assignment of the individual devices for clear operation
  • Multilingualism with the basic languages ​​German and English

In breweries or wineries with a large production area, you can use Nano Terminal to regulate all process temperature monitoring and control during the production of beer or wine. As the central control unit for the Nano control system, the Nano Terminal is also suitable for perfectly controlling processes such as filtration, filling, room temperature control or tartaric stabilization.

Nano Terminal can be configured with options and optimally adapted to your needs.

  • Curve display: temperature curve for 5 and 50 days, 2nd scale, freely scalable, for manual entries, e.g. density
  • Groupings: Three tank groups, 10 units each. Common access function (e.g. valve, etc.) on all assigned devices of the groups The 3rd group alternatively represent a cycle management
  • Collective contacts: cooling, heating, alarm (e.g. pump) requirements
  • Valve maintenance: for increased process reliability in your hydraulic circuit
  • Additional language: Additional languages can be activated
  • Web interface: for mirroring the user interface on a web browser via LAN or WLAN
  • AquaControl: Remote control function for chillers
  • Sensors: You can use up to 3 devices instead of temperature sensors other sensors, e.g. for pressure or humidity
  • Recipe curves: a memory for 8 recipes with 5 switching points each can be customized can be parameterized. The selected recipe can be in any device copied and started

LiquoSystems creates the greatest possible security when controlling production sections

With Nano Terminal you have an overview of all temperatures in the production sections anytime and anywhere. Rely on our technology in your brewery or winery and thus the greatest possible security. Your employees can also make their daily work in process temperature control easier when using the Nano Top, Nano Solo and Nano Terminal.

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