Tubular Cooler

  • Coolant-Inlet: 7°C
  • Coolant-Outlet: 12°C
  • Product-Connection: IN/OUT: centric/eccentric
  • Product-Inlet: 30°C
  • Product-Outlet: 15°C
  • Material stainless steel 1.4301

1.180,00 15.330,00  excl. VAT

Delivery time 3-5 days

More options configurable and already mounted!

Tube bundles for heating or cooling of low-viscosity substances

Tube bundles or heat exchangers are intended for heating or cooling low-viscosity media with a low solids content. These are used, for example, for must re-cooling or pre-cooling for spirits filtration.

The exchanger consists of several smaller tubes through which the product flows. These are surrounded by a larger jacket tube through which the cooling or heating medium flows in countercurrent.

Tube bundles and heat exchangers from LiquoSystems

Our tube bundle product has a DN 25 to DN 65 dairy coupling as the coolant connection. The temperature for the coolant inlet is 7 degrees Celsius and for the outlet 12 degrees Celsius. A dairy coupling DN 32 to DN 50 (centric/eccentric) is provided for the product connection. The temperature for the entrance of the product is 30 degrees Celsius, for the exit 15 degrees Celsius.

The optional wall mount enables easy self-assembly and ensures that the tube bundle can be quickly provided for heating or cooling in your production plant. The picture shows a 2×3 meter tube bundle heat exchanger with an optional mobile floor stand. The standard tube bundle exchangers are 6 meters long.

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