SKU: 4ME00803

VariAll Cable Management 45×60

  • Height: 45 mm
  • Width: 60 mm
  • Length: 3000 mm
  • Wire diameter: 5 mm
  • Supports 1500 mm of cable
  • Material: V2A Stainless Steel

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VariAll is a stainless steel cable guide and installation system for hygienic laying of cables in the food industries. The cable routing system is developed for optimal function: simple and accessible for cleaning. This cable management system is a quality product with a long service life. All cable routing elements are made of 5 mm round material – with an optical finish. This protects the cables and hoses. The cable routing elements are supplied in lengths of 3 meters. A variety of mounting accessories make installation on the wall or ceiling very easy. The elements are assembled with screw connectors.

The complete hanging technology is innovative on this mounting system. This means that the electrician can work comfortably on the assembly table when installing the fermentation control. After the electrician has relaxed the wiring of the control unit Nano Top or the junction boxes Nano Box and Nano Switch, the device is installed by simply hanging the devices on the mesh cable tray, which is itself only attached to the wall or ceiling brackets. Unhooking is prevented by gently pushing in the safety tab. This system forms a new, simpler and more comfortable way of working for the installer on site at the construction site.

Areas of application:

food industry
Chemical industry
Office and IT installations


Stainless steel material
Perfectly hygienic
Quick, easy and safe installation
Environmentally friendly and recyclable materials
Detachable and re-mountable connection
Dimensionally stable, rigid
High corrosion resistance
Well thought-out assembly technology

In connection with our AquaSan pipe system, this mounting system creates new possibilities for the self-installer.

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