Performing Integrity test on site

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  • Preparation of the filter test by customers
  • Carrying out filter test
  • Print the test report with the result
  • Protocol can also be transmitted electronically
  • The filter is ready for use again

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Delivery time 3-5 days

The membrane filter cartridge is checked for its mechanical integrity with the integrity test or filter test or also called the pressure hold test.

This test should be carried out before each filtration in order to check and document the process reliability of the filtration (HACCP *). The pressure hold test can be carried out manually or with a PHT device, semi or fully automatically. Either nitrogen (N2) or food-grade compressed air is required to carry it out.

Our technicians carry out the commissioned filter test with a fully automatic filter test device Integrity Tester 3 from LiquoSystems. Your advantage: Process reliability even without the cost of an integrity test device. In the pressure holdtest, also known as the pressure drop test, a very precise manometer is required to detect pressure changes on the upstream side due to the gas diffusion through the filter. The pressure maintenance value depends on the diffusion flow and the inflow volume.

* Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points is a quality tool.

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