Maintenance and Calibration of Integrity Test Devices

  • Professional execution
  • Complete functional test
  • Short downtime thanks to fast service
  • Inexpensive implementation
  • Creation of a calibration certificate

345,00 640,00  excl. VAT

Delivery time 3-5 days

The calibration of integrity test devices by LiquoSystems – ensures the precision of your membrane filter measuring devices or filter test devices. To ensure a high quality standard, all sensors are checked and calibrated annually. The required measuring equipment has DKD calibration certificates and is subject to regular measuring equipment monitoring. The maintenance is carried out exclusively by experienced personnel.

In addition to our devices, we also maintain and calibrate the following integrity test devices:

Control Mini, Minicheck, 100 series, 101 series, Bevcheck, WBC300, Accuflux Pocket Pro, Beatest, Stericheck, Integritest Mini 2P, Control Maxi, Bevcheck Plus, Sartocheck Mini

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