Nano Pilot

The new Nano Pilot – For all Brewers

Nano Pilot raises the temperature control of your product to a new level: comfortable and smart. Simple and uncomplicated plug & play application for the control and monitoring of five tanks with individual set temperatures. Plug-in power supply, temperature sensors and motorized ball valves. Extensive accessories such as: recipe management, web interface, motorized ball valves included in the scope of delivery!

Explanatory film about the Nano System

The film gives a quick insight and overview of the function and structure of the nano system. The Nano System is the successor to the Systems iFerm , AFC, EFC, PFC of LiquoSystems and older GTR and GTX modells from Haiges as well. The new Nano system of wine temperature control, temperature controller, tank cooling, wine cooling or beer cooling has a modular structure. An ideal complement are the water chiller or re-cooler series AquaZero. The nano top for beer, the nano tank for wine and the appropriate components such as cooling plates, cooling hoses and tube bundle heat exchangers round off the system. Suitable for Möschle, Rieger, Speidel and Becker fermenters. The mobile fermentation control Nano Solo is ideal for variable capacity tanks or small breweries, breweries, wineries (winegrowers) and wine cooperatives.ärfilm-Nano-System-EN_720.mp4
Einzelsteuerung für Bier

Nano Fix – Professional fermentation controller for all FERMMASTERS!

Nano Fix – Professional fermentation controller for all FERMMASTERS! Nano Fix is supplied complete with temperature sensor, motorized ball valve and power supply. One only has to connect the unit to the power and cooling water supply. Clear arrangement with a large actual and target temperature display.