SKU: Nano_085

Nano Kit: For modernizing existing control cabinets

  • Actual and target display
  • Plug-in exchange for AFC, GTX, EFC and GTR
  • 10 Nano control units with front panel for installation
  • Operating mode: Cooling, Heating
  • Switching output: 24V AC, 2A
  • Central operation with Nano Terminal via data line
  • Currently not suitable in connection with FermAssist!

2.505,00 2.705,00  excl. VAT

Delivery time 3-5 days

Brings the fermentation temperature control system up to date! Fully assembled kit for 10 tanks. Simple, quick exchange. Unplug the old units, insert the kit and screw on the mounting plate – done! All other parts of the system remain unchanged.

The modern fermentation control for 10 tanks with a large actual and target temperature display. The Nano Kit can be operated with the Nano Terminal control unit operated centrally and significantly expanded in function.

Information: Delivery without sub-rack!

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